Tuesday 2 August 2016

Far From True

Finished August 1
Far From True by Linwood Barclay

This novel follows another one I read recently, Broken Promise, with many of the same characters, along with some new ones, and continuing plot lines. One of the central characters here is Cal Weaver, also featured in Barclay's book A Tap on the Window. Cal is working as a private investigator here, and he gets involved in a couple of plot lines. One new one is the death of a man who has some secrets his daughter wasn't aware of, and the other is the continuing plot line of Sam, a young mother whose ex is in jail and whose in-laws blame her.
One of the themes of a recurring number related to crimes in the community continues here as well, getting more intense. The head of security from the local college is a more central character here as he gains depth.
Local ex-mayor Randall Finley is still vying for another chance at leading the community, but definitely lacks social graces, putting his foot into it even as he tries to become more appealing. And detective Barry Duckworth is still trying to find time to put in on two murders, which he believes are related.
There is so much going on here that it is hard to keep track of, but still very entertaining. Many characters are appealing and I found myself hoping they would come through this unscathed. A page-turning read.

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  1. Oh! It follows Tap on the Window? I really liked that one a lot! Good to know! *sounds of scribbling on TBR*