Monday, 27 June 2016

Written in Fire

Finished June 17
Written in Fire by Marcus Sakey, performed by Luke Daniels

This is the last book of a trilogy, of which I have not read the first two. I was still able to get up to speed fairly quickly on the situation. Sometime around 1980, people started being born with exceptional abilities. Some could hear or see better. Many were exceptionally smart, especially in the sciences. Some had the ability to predict movement by people around them. Some had abilities that made life immensely difficult, like one man who life moved much more quickly for him, so that the actions and words and sounds around him were all in slow motion.
Many of the people were discriminated against, put in special academies that were more like prisons. So some of them rebelled, tried to form their own societies.
As this book begins, about thirty years have passed. The book follows Nick Cooper, a man who has tried to do the best for his country and the people on both sides. Nick is a brilliant himself. He has worked for the government, trying to work against those that would destroy it. But other brilliants would take revenge on the rest of the world for how they have been treated, and are willing to destroy the rest of humanity to do so. In a world where people are fighting for their lives, trying to keep their families and friends safe, Nick struggles to figure out how to keep his family and country safe as things come to a head at a community in Wyoming.
There is a good storyline here, and lots of interesting characters. The only drawback I found was that it was all U.S. centric. I had no sense of how the rest of the world had reacted or if other countries were facing similar issues.

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