Sunday 28 February 2016

Read and Buried

Finished February 27
Read and Buried by Erika Chase

This is the second book in the Ashton Corners Book Club mystery series. Set in Ashton Corners, Alabama, this book has Lizzie Turner, leader of the book club and educational reading specialist, asked to invite visiting author Derek Alton to her upcoming book club meeting. Lizzie is surprised, but amenable, and even when her next encounter with Derek causes her to question his character, she still moves forward with the plan. But when his unexpected visit to her home ends with his murder, things get more intense. Lizzie's new boyfriend, local police chief Mark Dreyfus seems distant, unknown women are calling Lizzie looking for information on Derek's new book, and Lizzie's sleuthing uncovers both Derek's womanizing history and the secrets of many local women. Despite Mark's warnings, Lizzie can't keep herself from digging into the crime, and as she puts herself in danger, she also finds new allies.
Lizzie is an interesting character, perhaps too nice for her own good sometimes, and yet she does have a strong sense of justice. Mark seemed a bit disappointing at first, but he developed better as the story went on. Lizzie's book club has a nice mix of characters with potential for a variety of plotlines as this series continues.

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