Sunday 29 March 2015

Ladies' Night

Finished March 28
Ladies' Night by Mary Kay Andrews

This novel follows Grace as she undergoes a major change in her life. As the book begins, Grace, an interior design blogger, has discovered her husband having sex with her assistant. She reacts in anger, driving her husband's expensive convertible into their pool.
She can't stay in the house with him and runs to her mother, who owns a dive bar, The Sandbox, with an apartment above. She soon finds that leaving her home may have been a tactical mistake, as her husband locks her out of her home, her blog, and her bank accounts.
She is assigned a misogynist judge who doesn't even want to listen to her side of things and assigns her to go to divorce therapy with a specific therapist.
At the therapist, Grace meets a few other women, and one man, who all reacted in anger to provocations by their partners. The therapist's behaviour seems odd to them, and when they go out for drinks to The Sandbox afterward to discuss their impressions, they decide to dig deeper into things to look at both the judge and the therapist more closely. The post-therapy sessions at the sandbox become a regular thing.
Grace, forced to start again, finds a small classic home near her mother's that the owner needs to clean up significantly after bad tenants. She also finds there a new friend in the guise of an abandoned dog that she takes on and names Sweetie.
She also connects with Wyatt, that man assigned to the same therapy group and one who has his own struggles with marriage breakup, and a young son who is sensitive to the emotions involved.
As Grace rebuilds her life both on a personal and a business level, she finds that she wants a simpler life and is willing to fight to take her chance at happiness.
I liked the characters here, each with their own issues and story, and most with some depth to their characterization.

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