Sunday 4 January 2015

Hot, Sexy & Bad

Finished January 4
Hot, Sexy & Bad: A Holiday Collection

I thought I'd step away from my usual reading to try some romance. This collection comprises six novellas by six different best-selling writers

Rome for the Holidays by Judy Angelis
Set in New Orleans, this romance features self-made woman Arie , who co-owns a catering company, and Rome Milano, CEO of a multinational corporation from Italy. Their romance moves quickly after they caught each others' eyes at a function Arie's company catered for Rome's.

Recipe for Love: An Andrade Christmas Novella by Ruth Cardello
Set in the town of Sablet in southern France and featuring Madison Andrade, recent college graduate of the wealthy Andrade family. Madison has recently been told a secret by her father, a secret she is appalled by, and she needs some time away to think about what to do next. Richard D'Argenson is a temperamental chef, a man for whom the Christmas season always brings unhappy memories that he tries to escape through work. But this Christmas he is distracted by his houseguest.

Hot Package: A Hostile Operations Team Christmas Novella by Lynn Raye Harris
In Arlington, Virginia, Olivia Reese, a public relations adviser has just discovered that the weapons guidance system the company she's been promoting isn't what they told her, or what she convinced Congress.  But someone just left the real information for her and now she needs help in making her next step. The only person she can think of is Billy "The Kid" Blake, her ex-boyfriend and part of a team of elite soldiers. And he does help, but can they be together through this without reigniting their relationship.

The Gift by Sandra Marton
Katie Rostov's father is rich and powerful and hungry for more power. That is why he's arranged a marriage for her to a prince who has a reputation for bad behaviour. Kaz Savitch has made a name for himself as an investment fund manager after a stint in Special Ops. When Kaz takes on the job of escorting Katie to her betrothal ceremony, neither one of them is happy, but when she tells him the reality of her situation, everything changes and he must prevent this marriage.

The Belmont Christmas Bride by Shadonna Richards
Olivia McAlister is set to get married Christmas morning. Her guests have arrived from near and far, but her fiance has changed his mind. Dane Romano, general manager of the hotel at the center of the celebration, The Belmont Hotel in Toronto, convinces her to go ahead with the celebration anyway. She shouldn't let what Jack did ruin her happiness. Olivia finds Dane's arguments convincing, and besides, he makes her feel like she has never felt before, so that's good, isn't it.

Half My Heart: A Clover Series Novella by Danielle Stewart
Back when he was eighteen, Devin Sutton lost a lot: his first love, his freedom, his hope for the future. Now, years later, his only thought is getting back at those who hurt him, back in Clover, North Carolina. But when he finds Rebecca Farrus, that first love, living a much different life than he thought, he begins to wonder if he shouldn't pursue her instead.

These stories were quite a range of characters and situations, and a taste of each author's style. Many of them relate to a series that readers may find themselves led to. Each author's story ends with a list of their other books.

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