Friday 17 October 2014

Tomorrow City

Finished October 9
Tomorrow City by Kirk Kjeldsen

This novel follows the young man Brendan as he is caught up in a crime that he made the bad choice to be involved in when he was desperate for money for his fledgling business, a bakery. Things go horribly wrong and more than one man is left dead. Brendan feels hunted and desperate, and sells his business and flees.
Years later he is running a successful small bakery in Shanghai under another identity, John Davis, has a wife Li and small daughter Xiaodan and enjoys a quiet simple life. Then his fellow criminals reappear in his life forcing him to take part in another desperate crime, and threatening his family if he doesn't go along with them.
The resulting chaos will change his life again and his choices will save his life but also haunt him forever.
An interesting plot.

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