Monday 22 September 2014

No Safe House

Finished September 20
No Safe House by Linwood Barclay

We first met Cynthia and Terry Archer in Barclay's novel, No Time to Say Goodbye. It is seven years later, and they are having issues. Cynthia's overprotectiveness of their daughter, Grace, hasn't lessened, but Grace, at fourteen, is rebelling against this oversight, and taking some chances of her own. Cynthia, knowing her actions aren't helping, has moved out temporarily, to take some time to figure out how to change her behaviour. Terry is trying to support both his wife and daughter, and keep his family from falling apart. A recent unsolved murder of an older couple has the town on edge as well.
So when Grace, supposed out at the movies with a friend, but really out with a boy her father definitely wouldn't approve of, is late coming home, Terry tries to remain calm. But when Grace calls him in a state of panic asking for his help, he comes for her, trying not to let on to Cynthia that Grace is in trouble. However, once he grasps just what kind of trouble Grace is in, Terry is out of his depth, and Cynthia soon gets filled in on the situation. As the three of them turn to old friends to try to figure out what is going on, they find themselves at the center of a very dangerous situation that threatens their lives more than their family togetherness.
This is a fast moving story of ordinary people getting caught up in a crazily dangerous situation, a hallmark of Barclay's thrillers, and one that makes them even more gripping. A wonderful read.


  1. I just put a hold request on this one earlier today at my library. Having recently started to read Barclay's books, my goal was to read them in order, but I have to jump ahead to this one since No Time to Say Goodbye is in my recent memory.

  2. Good call Lisa. You'll enjoy it.