Sunday 17 August 2014

Spring Fever

Finished August 15
Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews, read by Katherine McInerney

This enjoyable romance is set in the small town of Passcoe, North Carolina, the home of the Quixie Cherry Soda company. Mason, the eldest son of the family who owns the company, the Bayless' family, is getting remarried to Celia, an attractive and ambitious young woman who was brought in as a consultant to help turn the company around in a tight economic environment. Mason's first wife Annajane is in attendance at the big do, mostly to please Mason's young daughter Sophie, who is flower girl.
Annajane works in marketing at Quixie, but will be leaving both the company and the town soon for a new job at the ad agency that Quixie has been a longstanding client of. Her best friend is Pokey (Pauline) Bayliss, Mason's sister. As she and Pokey watch Sophie slowly make her way up the aisle, followed shortly thereafter by a resplendent Celia, Annajane catches Mason's eyes and reads his body language, realizing that he is feeling trapped. As she begins to think that this may mean she has a second chance, Sophie collapses in pain, and the wedding comes to a halt.
In the ensuing action, as Sophie's sickness increases and Annajane urges for an ambulance, Celia is pushed to the background of the action, and Annajane finds herself alone with Mason for the first time in a long time, and they begin to talk in earnest.
As the following week unfolds, actions by Annajane and Mason in response to actions by Celia and Mason's brother Davis, result in a three steps forward, two steps back movement in their unfolding relationship.
There are good characters here, and Celia is a delightful character to hate while Annajane is easy to love. Twists and turns that keep the plot unfolding in interesting ways.
A thoroughly enjoyable example of chicklit.

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