Saturday 12 July 2014

Never Saw it Coming

Finished July 11
Never Saw It Coming by Linwood Barclay

This novel is set in the town of Milford, like some of his other novels.
Keisha Ceylon is a woman who makes a living as a psychic, telling fortunes, and, as she sees it, giving hope to those who have missing loved ones. When she sees a Wendell Garfield and his daughter Melissa on television begging for help in finding Wendell's wife Ellie, she sees a potential client.
But when she encounters Wendell, her visions relating to Ellie's disappearance are closer to the real situation than she would have guessed, and stating them puts her own life in danger.
This novel is like a set of dominos, with each action leading to another in a way that seems impossible to predict or stop. The deaths accumulate in a way that the reader doesn't see until it seems too late to change the outcome.
Keisha is a con woman, but one who is trying to do her best by her son Matthew and one who is willing to work to survive. Her upbringing gave her a certain outlook and skill set that both led her to the life she lives and allow her to get herself out of a tight situation. She can think on her feet, and her reading of people likely helps in the line of work she has chosen.
Thoroughly enjoyable in a macabre sort of way.