Saturday 28 June 2014

Midnight in Europe

Finished June 23
Midnight in Europe by Alan Furst

This novel is set in the months just before World War II. Cristián Ferrar is a Spaniard living in France. He came as a young boy with his family, and has done well for himself, becoming a senior partner with the international law firm Coudert Frères. The increasing aggression of Germany and the direction of the civil war in Spain, both have Ferrar worried.
When he is approached by the Spanish government to assist them in obtaining arms, he agrees, but makes sure his firm is aware of his involvement in this agreeing to do it outside of his official work. This agreement leads him into many interesting relationships, and calls on his quick thinking and air of authority to take command of difficult situations. This involvement may also increase the danger to himself and his family and he must think about making plans for them should Europe become involved in a larger war.
Ferrar also realizes that a irregular relationship he has developed with an American woman may mean more to him that he realized, and his love life is something that he has to think more seriously about than he has until now.
This is a story of spies, danger, and intrigue that will have you turning the pages to find out what Ferrar gets into next. A great read.

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