Saturday 25 January 2014

Postal Reading Challenge - Mail

I have been trying harder this year to get on board with writing more cards and letters.
So far this month, I have sent three cards, and two packages with cards in them, so not doing too badly.
I received my first challenge-related card this week.

It is a lovely card of a textile art work by Jane Jackson, perfect for my love of needlework. The stamps have a textile theme as well.
Still haven't read any books for this challenge though, so better go through my pile and dig out some of the ones I know are there.


  1. February is Letter Month, so I am excited for that. :) Last year I sent so many letters I got a bit burned out, though!

  2. I've got a pile of books I have to read and not one of them is for the challenge. Very frustrating! Though actually they are lovely books and I'm enjoying the current one very much.

  3. I did well with the mailings and such, but not as good with the reading of this one either, last year. Not sure I'll commit, maybe I'll just slip one in now and again.

  4. I've just committed to Letter Writing Month, so looking forward to that as well.

  5. Nice card -- I love when a card matches your interests, it shows such care on the part of the sender! I'm working on letter #2 for LetterMo right now... my aunt loves it when I write so I always send one to her right at the beginning :)