Thursday 31 October 2013

Murder in Thrall

Finished October 30
Murder in Thrall by Anne Cleeland

This mystery is very different. Narrated mostly by one character, DC Kathleen Doyle, there are also short bits at the beginning of each chapter by another character. This is a case of intense love, serial murder, and stalking. The story is complex as are the emotions of the characters. Kathleen is one of the objects of love at the beginning, but she also develops love for another character herself as the book grows more intense. This is a book about what people will do for love. At first I thought of Kathleen as a weak character, but her inner strength became more obvious as the book continued. At first I thought the relationship she develops unbalanced, but it became more obvious that she was a good match for her partner in many interesting ways. I liked the complexities and how it made you think about obsession, good and bad. This is one you want to reread almost immediately after finishing it, to see the subtleties.

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  1. Good advice for some books with complicated storylines.