Wednesday 29 May 2013

A Little History of Science

Finished May 29
A Little History of Science by William Bynum

This book consists of short chapters (around 6 pages each) taking us from the beginnings of science to the present. Bynum shows how science and religion often went together in the past, with the first people doing science being priests. He shows that science can be both simple observation and complex laboratory work or complicated formulas. He shows the development over time and how each new advance built on work done earlier. The writing assumes no prior knowledge of the different aspects of science, with all technical terms explained in words even a child can understand. Bynum makes science both interesting and approachable and shows how science has influenced humans and the world we live in over time. From astronomy to zoology, chemistry to physics, medicine to technology, genetics to geology, he shows the progress over time and the interrelationships between different branches of science. A great introduction to the subject that leaves the reader with many avenues for future investigation.

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