Sunday 21 October 2012

A Christmas Home

Finished October 21
A Christmas Home by Greg Kincaid

This short novel is set in the small town of Crossing Trails, Kansas, where, like many parts of the United States, finances are getting tight. A large employer has closed, resulting in lost jobs, and lost tax revenue for the town. At the center of this story is Todd McCray, twenty-four years old and working at the local animal shelter. Todd has a developmental disability, but has wonderful skills with animals, particularly dogs, that serve him well in his work. He has recently moved out of his parent's home to a nearby cabin, and is beginning to live a more independent life. With the town's financial issues comes a threat to Todd's job and the shelter itself. As Todd, his friends, family and coworkers fight to save the shelter, Todd must also examine his life to see what it is he truly wants. A particular help is Todd's best friend Laura, a young woman with physical disabilities, whom Todd has assisted by training a service dog for her needs. Laura believes in Todd, and encourages him to find the path that is meant for him.
With romance, urgency, and wonderful dog characters, this novel is a feel-good one for the season.

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