Saturday 9 July 2011

Siren Song

Finished July 7
Siren Song by Stephen Schwandt
This short mystery is very different. Schoolteacher JP Griffin is disillusioned with teaching American lit to high school students. Near the end of the school year, he runs back to the area he grew up in, the Door County of Wisconsin. It is foggy that night and he passes an unlikely trio of vehicles on the bridge.
He decides to buy a boat with the money he inherited when his parents died and take the fall term off. He purchases a used boat and intends to take the summer to relax and cruise around the area. But the secrets of the previous owner of the boat, a cop who died on the night he arrived won't let go. He begins to feel that he has taken on the cop's life. He is reading his books, living on his boat, discovering his secrets, and meeting his friends. Where will it all lead him?
This book is intense and gave me a feeling of lacking control (from the character's viewpoint).

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