Tuesday 21 June 2011

An Uncertain Place

Finished June 19
An Uncertain Place by Fred Vargas
This is the latest in the series featuring Commissaire Adamsberg.
The story begins as Adamsberg leaves for a conference in London. His neighbour Lucio insists he helps a cat in distress before he goes. In London, Commandant Danglard is in his element as an anglophile. During a walk with a local DCI, they find themselves witness to a unique crime scene. Several pairs of shoes outside a cemetary, with feet still in them. This is disquieting, but not their case.
On return to Paris, Adamsberg's team is called in to investigate a gruesome murder. Tales of vampires, connections between the London shoes and the Paris murder, and a traitor within Adamsberg's team bring this book together. Adamsberg is not your usual detective, and while his team is mostly loyal to his methods, there are those who would like to get rid of him. As Adamsberg finds links to other similar cases, and a small mountain town in Serbia, he must also face someone from his own past who threatens him.
A great story as usual!

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