Thursday 14 April 2011

Book Ends

Finished April 10
Book Ends: a year between the covers by Naomi Beth Wakan
While I finished this a few days ago, I've been dipping in and out making book lists and, yes, doing some book ordering. I was able to get quite a few of the ones that interested me used for decent prices, so now I have packages to look forward to.
I LOVED this book. I liked the way she wrote about her reading and her life. She sounds like a really interesting person, and I'd love to sit down and have a long chat with her. She liked a lot of books that I've liked and ones that are on my "to read" list. I liked her eclectic tastes in reading, as I think I also have eclectic tastes. I liked the fact that she is Canadian, like me. I liked her love of research.
Her interest in things Japanese is stronger than mine (probably due to her living there for a few years) but I do have an interest there too. My interest was sparked by a course I did in my undergrad on Asian literature. I also love poetry, and as she is a poet we share that interest too.
I felt that I could really connect with her and this book just really grabbed me. I've ordered some of her other books as well as some she read and that sounded interesting.
This is definitely a reader's book and I highly recommend it.

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