Thursday 15 October 2009


Finished October 14
Thicker than Water by Anthea Fraser
Fraser's books always have a psychological edge to them, and so does this one. There is much more of the physical here than many of hers have though. The book is told in four sections with an epilogue. Each section follows a different character, and it is not until the fourth section that we see how the characters are related to each other.
The first three characters are attractive people with friends as well as lovers. But they are all also secretive of their pasts. Even those closest to them don't know much about their childhoods. They also all have trigger points, at which they become nervous or ill at ease, and tend to avoid. Here each of them encounters something unexpected that reminds them of their past and makes them scared and nervous. Until the fourth section, we are left to wonder at what past experience has affected them so terribly. Each of the first three sections ends abruptly and I couldn't help but wonder what happened next to all the characters in that part of the story (although of course that is not the story being told!), and I think that is merely a result of my own curious nature.
A good a gripping read, but not a happy one.

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