Saturday, 1 August 2009

Mysterious Mystery

Finished July 29
The Fate of Katherine Carr by Thomas H. Cook
This is a very different sort of mystery book and I'm finding it hard to classify. The main character, George Gates was one a travel writer focused on places where people disappeared. After he settled where he lives now, his eight-year-old son Teddy was snatched and it was a long time before his remains were found. George retreated inwards and now writes light, human-interest stories for his local paper. When he meets Arlo McBride, a retired missing persons detective, he becomes fascinated with the case of Katherine Carr, a woman who vanished twenty years before. He also becomes involved with a 12-year-old girl Alice who has progeria, a premature aging disease.
Together, George and Alice look at Katherine's story and at the clues and circumstances around her disappearance and find a different result from what they expected.
George lives with regret over his lost son, and how he might have prevented it. Katherine's story gives him a way to deal with his loss and move forward.

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