Friday, 1 May 2009

New Fiction

Finished April 30
The Girl Next Door by Elizabeth Noble
I thought at first this was going to be a typical chicklit, but it surprised me by having more depth. What makes it more than your average chicklit is the lack of tidy endings, and the inclusion of more than just happy endings to everyone's stories. I found the characters interesting and diverse.
Eve Gallagher relocates from England to New York City with her husband Ed, buts finds herself at a loose end with no friends or family. The novel covers not only Eve and Ed, but others in their coop building. The significant players are: Violet, an older woman living alone who organizes the others in the building into creating a garden area on the roof; Jason and Kim Kramer and their daughter Avery, a family going through adjustments; Rachael and David Schulman and their three children, high achievers with busy lives; Jackson Grayling III, a trust fund rich young man with ambition issues; Charlotte Murphy, a shy young woman who dreams of romance; Emily Mikanowski, an athletic, but beautiful loner; and Madison Cavanagh, a party girl. We see a variety of points of view, including the men as well as the women, and characters go through significant changes as the book progresses.

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