Tuesday 4 November 2008

A Different Education

Finished November 2
The Film Club: a true story of a father and son by David Gilmour
This is a very different memoir a few years with a father and his young adult son. Gilmour's son Jesse is having a lot of trouble in school and David has been trying to work with him to get his marks up. Finally he agrees to let Jesse quit school as long the two of them watch three movies a week together, movies that David picks.
This book takes us through the next few months as the two of them watch and discuss movies, and Jesse grows into an adult. David talks about the films, and the experiences that Jesse shares with him. These include Jesse's love life (or at least a portion thereof), his friends, and his creativity. David also includes information about what was going in his own life, with his career worries, his discussions with Jesse's mother (his exwife) and his current wife.
This book is an engrossing look into the relationship between a father and a son, and examines the issue of trust within that relationship. It is exciting to see the growth in Jesse and to see how the relationship changes over time.

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