Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Teen Fantasy/SciFi

Finished September 15
Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves
I'm started to think that there is nothing that Neil Gaiman wrote that I didn't like. He has such a fun sense of imagination and I am always intrigued by the plot and amused by the humour. This book was no exception.
Joey Harker is a high school sophmore who tends to get lost easily and is last picked for teams. During a school assignment, he walks straight out of his world and into another. At first confused, then scared, Joey learns that this is a battleground between forces of magic and science struggling to control the multiple worlds. Joey joins an army of versions of himself from different worlds, who all have different powers and skills that help to keep the worlds in balance. As Joey struggles with his longing for home, and his new studies, he must also learn to work in a team and find ways to win the struggle against the two evil forces.
Joey came across as very real, with real thoughts and issues. The situation he had to deal with was a very difficult one and he grew a lot during the book.

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