Tuesday 5 August 2008


Finished August 4
Fidelity by Thomas Perry
Emily Kramer's world is falling out from under her. First, her husband, owner and principal of a detective agency, is shot dead on a residential street in the middle of the night. Then she finds that their bank accounts have been left practically empty. She feels she doesn't know who her husband was anymore.
Jerry Hobart was hired to kill Phil Kramer and did so. Now he's been hired to kill Emily, but he figures there must be an interesting reason behind the job and grows curious.
Emily is also struggling to find reasons for Phil's death and his actions and as they both struggle toward answers, they become entangled for a time in each others' lives. Emily gets assistance from the detectives working for her husband, and Jerry has the added knowledge of the identity of the man he works for.
This is an action-packed novel with both main characters questioning their lives up until this time and trying to figure out the best course of action and who to trust.

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