Friday, 21 December 2007

Mystery from a new (to me) author

Finished December 18
Clearcut: Murder in a National Forest by Lynda Douglas
For those who like Nevada Barr, the setting here is along a similar line, but the writing isn't quite as good. Claire and Kyle Evers take a break from their jobs with the Forest Service in Washington state to have a late honeymoon in North Carolina. They have more than a relaxing vacation planned. Claire was born in North Carolina, but only recently discovered the truth about her past and has no memory of her time there as a child. They are also planning to visit with fellow Forest Service Officer Hank Sawyer, whom Kyle did some training with years before, but this doesn't go as planned. Just before they arrive, the bones of a Native American girl are found and the girl's identity, as well as some evidence lead to Hank's arrest for her murder. Kyle gets drawn into the investigation, and Claire's search for family becomes part of the story.

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