Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Read over the weekend

Finished June 17
Apocalypse 2012: a Scientific Investigation into Civilization's End by Lawrence E. Joseph
This book explores the significance of the year 2012 in different cultures, finding a common denominator in a massive change, rebirth, and end of "the world as we know it" among them. He goes on to look at different scientific scenarios leading to a similar outcome. These include the building of global warming; impending eruption of a supervolcano; a peak in the sunspot cycle where the low spot has already had huge numbers of sunspots; and larger cycles like mass extinction (which the earth is overdue for). It's enough to scare you underground! I found both the cultural myth side and the scientific side interesting, and the lack of concerted attention by government to the scientific issues sad. It is definitely an interesting book and may cause you to change some of your behaviours.

Finished June 16
Obsession by Karen Robards
To me the title didn't really fit the plot on this one. There is a lot going on: sexual chemistry, murder, threats, kidnapping, the CIA, jewels; but at times it seemed almost too much. The staging of events, the re-enactment of murders, the drugging of participants to keep them in character was all a bit over-the-top. Needless to say the good guys won in the end, with a small sideshow at the beginning and end to bring in the "obsession" part. And the all lived happily ever after, with all the nasty characters dealt with. Definitely a book that keeps things moving and you have to pay attention to keep on top of the plot. A good summer read.

Finished June 15
Hide by Lisa Gardner
This is a page-turning thriller. An underground room is discovered on the grounds of a disused Boston mental hospital. In the room, arranged on shelves in bags, the mummified remains of six young girls. The only obvious clue is a locket with a name around one of the girl's necks.
A young woman who used to go by that name, Annabelle Granger, goes to the police to tell her story, hoping that they might be able to tell her why she spent her life on the run with her parents, changing names and cities every couple years.
As they reach into the past to try to find the answers, a victim of an older case is drawn in as well as several possible suspects. The plot keeps moving and never feels forced, yet also isn't too predictable. I really enjoyed this.

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