Sunday 22 April 2007

Finished three in a day

Finished April 20
The Sunday List of Dreams by Kris Radish
This was a great book and very positive and uplifting.
Connie Franklin Nixon, divorced mother of 3 grown daughters is just about to retire from her career as a nurse. Before starting as a medical consultant, she has three months in which to fulfill some of the dreams she has been adding to her list since she was pregnant with her first daughter. As she goes through her household, getting rid of things, she discovers that her oldest daughter has a business making and selling sex toys. This launches her into her list faster than ever and takes her to a new relationship with all of her daughters, a new awareness of herself, new friends of many ages, and a new career that she never dreamed of.
I highly recommend this book and am buying a copy for my own mother.

Once by Morris Gleitzman
This young adult book follows a young boy, Felix Saint Stanislaus as he leaves the Catholic orphanage that his Jewish parents entrusted him to when he thinks he might be able to help them. As he gradually discovers the reality of the situation for Jews in Austria he meets other young children, a Jewish dentist who is helping them and a variety of Nazis. He learns different ways to survive and function in the world he lands in, and how to help others. He is a natural storyteller and this makes it easier for the others he is with to deal with their realities.

Christine Falls by Benjamin Black (aka John Banville), read by Timothy Dalton
This great crime novel stars Garret Quirke, a Dublin pathologist who was adopted out of an orphanage as a young boy by a leading Dublin judge. He has grown up with the Judge's own son and the two married sisters from Boston. Quirke's wife, Delia, died in childbirth 20 years ago.
Now Quirke discovers that his adopted brother has falsified a record for another young woman who has died giving birth and this sets him off on a quest for the truth that leads to other deaths, beatings, and back to Boston.

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