15th Annual Canadian Reading Challenge Book List

Here is the list of Canadian books read by participants this challenge year.

Alladin, Erin and Andrea Blinick
Outside, You Notice  Shonna

Allenby, Victoria
Listen Up! Train Song  Shonna

Anderson, Meshake
Injichaag: My Soul Story  Irene Roth

Arden, Jann
Falling Backwards  Carolyn@Riedel

Armstrong, Kelley
A Stitch in Time  Puss Reboots

Becker, Bonny and Kady MacDonald Denton (Canadian illustrator)
A Library Book for Bear  Irene Roth

Bhathena, Tanaz
Hunted by the Sky  Shonna

Blackwood, Algernon
Alexander Alexander  Carolyn@Riedel
A Haunted Island  Carolyn@Riedel

Bolduc, Denise (editor)
Indigenous Toronto: Stories that Carry this Place  Swordsman

Bordeleau, Virginia Pesemapeo; and translators Susan Ouriou and Christelle Morelli
Blue Bear Woman  Melwyk
Blue Water Woman  Irene Roth

Britt, Fanny; and translators Susan Ouriou and Christelle Morelli
Hunting Houses  Melwyk

Brown, Karma
Recipe for a Perfect Wife  Teena in Toronto

Brown, Kendra and Catarina Oliveira
Small But Mighty: Why Earth's Tiny Creatures Matter  Irene Roth

Burford-Mason, Aileen
The War Against Viruses  Irene Roth

Butler, Sarah Louise
The Wild Heavens  Shonna

Button, Lana and Alice Carter
The Cow Said Boo!  Shonna

Canning, Glen with Susan McClelland
My Daughter, Rehtaeh Parsons  Irene Roth

Carroll, Emily
Dream Comics  Carolyn@Riedel
Out the Door  Carolyn@Riedel

Chan, Ruth
The Alpactory  Irene Roth

Chapman, Brenda
Butterfly Kills  Swordsman

Collins, Peggy
Harley the Hero  Shonna

Coupland, Douglas
Binge  Eric
Shampoo Planet  Eric

Craig-Whytock, Suzanne
Feasting Upon the Bones: A Collection of Twisted Tales  Swordsman
The Seventh Devil  Swordsman

Critch, Mark
An Embarrassment of Critches: Immature Stories from My Grownup Life  Teena in Toronto

Davidson, Hilary
Her Last Breath  Swordsman

Davis, Tanya
How To Alone  Irene Roth

Dean, Alison
Seconds Out: Women and Fighting  Irene Roth

Delaney, Rachelle
Alice Fleck's Recipes for Disaster  Irene Roth

Delany, Vicki
Tea & Treachery  Puss Reboots

Derksen, Wilma L.
Have You Seen Candace?  Carolyn@Riedel

Dewar, Elaine
On the Origin of the Deadliest Pandemic in 100 Years  Irene Roth

Di Cintio, Marcello
Driven: The Secret Lives of Taxi Drivers  Teena in Toronto

Dombowsky, Philip
Walter S. Allward's Life  Irene Roth

Doroghy, David and Graeme Menzies
111 Places in Whistler That You Must Not Miss  Irene Roth

Doucet, Jane
Fishnets and Fantasies  Teena in Toronto

Dubuc, Marianne and translator Yvette Ghione
1,2,3, Off to School  Irene Roth

Dumont, Dawn
The Prairie Chicken Dance Tour  Melwyk

Dunning, Norma
Tainna  John

Dupuis, Jenny Kay; Kathy Kacer and Gillian Newland
I Am Not a Number  Irene Roth

Earley, Helen
25 Family Adventures in Nova Scotia  Irene Roth

Edugyan, Esi
Out of the Sun: On Art, Race, and the Future  Irene Roth

El Akkad, Omar
American War  Irene Roth
What Strange Paradise   John Shonna

Fischer, George
Spectacular Northwest Territories Canada  Irene Roth

Flett, Julie
We All Play  Irene Roth

Florence, Melanie
Stolen Words  Irene Roth

Fontaine, Phil
A Knock on the Door  Irene Roth

Fox, Bevann
Genocidal Love: A Life After Residential School  Irene Roth

Fullerton, Alma
No More Plastic  Irene Roth

Fung, Pik-Shuen
Ghost Forest  John

Gates, Eva
Deadly Ever After  Puss Reboots

George, Kallie and Genevieve Godbout
Goodnight Anne  Irene Roth
If I Couldn't Be Anne  Irene Roth
Merry Christmas Anne  Irene Roth

George, Kallie and Abigail Halpin
Anne Arrives: Inspired by Anne of Green Gables  Irene Roth
Anne's Kindred Spirits: Inspired by Anne of Green Gables  Irene Roth
Anne's School Days: Inspired by Anne of Green Gables  Irene Roth

George, Kallie and Elly MacKay
The Secret Fawn  Irene Roth

George, Kallie and Shanda McCloskey
Bedtime Ballet  Irene Roth

George, Kallie and Oriol Vidal
Duck, Duck, Dinosaur  Irene Roth

Good, Michelle
Five Little Indians  Swordsman

Graham, Genevieve
Letters Across the Sea  Teena in Toronto

Green, Louise
Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have  Irene Roth

Grover, Ione
The Book of Blessance  Irene Roth
No Matter What Happens: Discovering Your Own Authentic, Resilient Faith  Irene Roth
Old: A Time for the Soul to Flourish  Irene Roth

Hamilton, Victoria
Much Ado about Muffin  Puss Reboots

Hamilton, Victoria and Margaret Strom
Muffin to Fear  Puss Reboots

Harding, Robyn
The Perfect Family  Teena in Toronto

Hendley, Nate
The Boy on the Bicycle  Swordsman  Teena in Toronto

Hind, Andrew
Exploring Hidden Muskoka  Irene Roth

Highway, Tomson
Dry Lips Ought to Move to Kapuskasing  Eric
The (Post)Mistress  Eric
The Rez Sisters  Eric
Rose  Eric

Hodge, Deborah
West Coast Wild Babies  Irene Roth

Hohn, Tierra and Marne Grahlman
Body Image: Deal With It Because All Bodies are Great Bodies  Irene Roth

Hrab, Naseem and Nahid Kazemi
The Sour Cherry Tree  Irene Roth

Jacobs, Heidi L.M.
Molly of the Mall: Literary Lass and Purveyor of Fine Footwear  Shonna

Jalaluddin, Uzma|
Hana Khan Carries On  Teena in Toronto

Jennings, Maureen
Except the Dying  Carolyn@Riedel

Jordan-Fenton, Christy; Margaret Pokiak-Fenton and Gabrielle Grimard
When I Was Eight  Irene Roth

Kakakaway, Robert
Thou Shalt Not Be an Indian: A Residential School Survivor's Story  Irene Roth

Kaplan, Bonnie J. and Julia J. Rucklidge
The Better Brain  Irene Roth

Kelly, Sofie
Sleight of Paw  Puss Reboots

Keppie, Ailsa
By the Light of the Crescent Moon  Shonna

Kerbel, Deborah and Miki Sato
Sunny Days  Shonna

Kerbel, Deborah and Yong Ling Kang
This House is Home  Irene Roth

Kertes, Joseph
Last Impressions  Shonna

Kirsteen MacLeod
In Praise of Retreat: Finding Sanctuary in the Modern World  Irene Roth

Lalonde, Angelique
Glorious Frazzled Beings  John

Lamielle, Pierre
100 First Words for Little Canadians  Irene Roth

Langevin, Hector
They Came for the Children  Irene Roth

Lapena, Shari
Not a Happy Family  Teena in Toronto

Lavoie, Marie-Renée; and translator Arielle Aaronson
A Boring Wife Settles the Score  Melwyk  Irene Roth

Lemire, Jeff and Andrea Sorrentino
Gideon Falls, Volume 5: Wicked Worlds  Puss Reboots
Gideon Falls, Volume 6: The End  Puss Reboots

Leroux, Catherine; and translator Lazer Lederhendler
Madame Victoria  Melwyk

Levine, Allan
Toronto: Biography of a City  Irene Roth

Levy, Joanne
Fish Out of Water  Irene Roth
Sorry For Your Loss  Irene Roth
They Will Come Out  Irene Roth

Lou, Ethan
Field Notes From a Pandemic: A Journey through a World Suspended  Irene Roth

MacKinnon, J.B. 
The Day the World Stops Shopping  Irene Roth
The Once and Future World: Nature As It Was, As It Is, As It Could Be  Irene Roth

Madame Labriski
Goodbye Refined Sugar!: Easy Recipes with No Added Sugar or Fat  Irene Roth

Mak, Starkie
Coming to Canada  Irene Roth

Mansbridge, Peter
Off the Record  Teena in Toronto

Manuel, Arthur
Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-Up Call  Irene Roth

Mayer, Jeni
The Mystery of the Turtle Lake Monster  Carolyn@Riedel

McCulloch, Gretchen
Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language  Shonna

McGregor, Raymond
Memoirs of a Noble Man  Swordsman

McKeon, Lauren
Women of the Pandemic  Irene Roth

McKinnon, Hannah Mary
You Will Remember Me  Swordsman

Mercer, Rick
Talking to Canadians  Teena in Toronto

Mikolajewski, Andrew
Stoppel  Carolyn@Riedel

Millar, Margaret
Ask for Me Tomorrow  Melwyk
Banshee  Melwyk
The Iron Gates  Melwyk

Moran, Eva
Porny Stories  Eric

Nason, Riel and Byron Eggenschwiler
The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt  Puss Reboots

Neville, Kim
The Memory Collectors  Irene Roth

O'Leary, Sara
Gemma and the Giant Girl  Irene Roth

Olsen, Sylvia; Rita Morris and Ann Sam
No Time to Say Goodbye: Children's Stories of Kuper Island Residential School  Irene Roth

Onyemelukwe-Onuobia, Cheluchi
The Son of the House  John

O'Reilly, Terry
My Best Mistakes: Epic Fails and Silver Linings  Teena in Toronto

Orr, Wendy
Cuckoo's Flight  Shonna

Pavloviƈ, Milan
Sonata for Fish and Boy  Irene Roth

Penny, Louise
All the Devils Are Here  Shonna

Porter, Michelle
Approaching Fire  Irene Roth

Poulin, Jacques
Mr. Blue  Eric

Pringle, Sherry
Extraordinary Women Extraordinary Times  Irene Roth

Pruessen, Linda
Canadian Courage  Irene Roth

Reid, Raziel
Followers  Shonna

Richardson, Jael
Gutter Child  John

Ritchie, Scot
See Where We Come From: A First Book of Family Heritage  Jo

Robertson, David A.
The Barren Grounds  Shonna

Robertson, David Alexander, illustrated by Scott B. Henderson
Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story  Irene Roth

Robson, Dan
Measuring Up: A Memoir of Fathers and Sons  Irene Roth

Sabourin, Gilles and translator Katherine Hastings
Montreal and the Bomb  Irene Roth

Sasakamoose, Fred
Call Me Indian  Irene Roth

Sellick, Michael and Daniel Zondervan
The Crochet Crowd: Inspire Create Celebrate  Irene Roth

You Are Eating an Orange, You Are Naked  John

Shields, Carol
The Republic of Love  Mary R

Spurway, Amy
Crow  Shonna

St. John Mandel, Emily
Station Eleven  Swordsman

Stanley, George
Vancouver: a Poem  Eric

Steinberg, David
Inside Comedy: The Soul, Wit, and Bite of Comedy and Comedians of the Last Five Decades  Swordsman  Teena in Toronto

Stella, Lennon, Maisy Stella, and Steve Bjorkman
In the Waves  Carolyn@Riedel

Stone, Tiffany
Wood Could  Irene Roth

Survivors of the Assiniboia Indian Residential School and Andrew Woolford
Did You See Us? Reunion, Remembrance, and Reclamation at an Urban Canadian Residential School  Irene Roth

Tamaki, Mariko and Yoshi Yoshitani
I Am Not Starfire  Puss Reboots

Tannahill, Jordan
The Listeners   John  Swordsman

Tattrie, Jon
Peace by Chocolate  Teena in Toronto

Toews, Miriam
Fight Night  John

Tremblay, Michel and translator Sheila Fischman
Crossing the City  Shonna

Twist, Arielle
Disintegrate/Dissociate  Irene Roth

Waiser, Bill
In Search of Almighty Voice: Resistance and Reconciliation  Irene Roth

Walker, Kelly
Dancing on the Ark  Irene Roth

Wilson, John
The Ghosts of James Bay Carolyn@Riedel

Winters, Kari-Lynn
Buzz about Bees  Irene Roth

Winters, Kari-Lynn and Helen Fook
Let's Play a Hockey Game! Irene Roth

Winters, Kari-Lynn and Ben Frey
Runaway Alphabet  Irene Roth

Winters, Kari-Lynn and Dean Griffiths
Bad Pirate  Irene Roth
Best Pirate  Irene Roth
Good Pirate  Irene Roth

Winters, Kari-Lynn and Ben Hodson
Jeffrey and Sloth  Irene Roth

Winters, Kari-Lynn and Christina Leist
On My Walk  Irene Roth

Winters, Kari-Lynn and Ishta Mercurio
Bite Into Bloodsuckers  Irene Roth

Winters, Kari-Lynn and Scot Ritchie
On the Line  Shonna  Irene Roth

Winters, Kari-Lynn and Stephen Taylor
Gift Days  Irene Roth

Winters, Kari-Lynn and François Thisdale
French Toast  Irene Roth

Wong, Wai Mei and Tamara Campeau
Hello Dark  Shonna

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