14th Annual Canadian Book Challenge Book List

Here are the books our challenge by Canadian authors, authors who lived in Canada for a period of time, or are set in Canada and that participants have read for this year's challenge, which runs July 2020 to June 2021. I have not included links here to reviews that are for books with minimal or no discernable link to Canada but that were submitted.

Adamson, Gil
Ridgerunner  Swordsman

al Rabeeah, Abu Bakr and Winnie Young
Homes: A Refugee Story  Teena in Toronto

Ali, S.K.
Once Upon an Eid  Puss Reboots  Irene Roth

Allenby, Victoria
Shape Up, Construction Trucks  Shonna

Adderson, Caroline
It Happened on Sweet Street  Irene Roth

Arden, Jann
If I Knew Then: Finding Wisdom in Failure and Power in Aging  Teena in Toronto  Irene Roth

Armstrong, Kelley
City of the Lost  Tracy K
The Gryphon's Lair  Puss Reboots
Led Astray  Shonna
A Stitch in Time  Melwyk

Arntfield, Michael and Joan Swart
Social Media and Mental Health  Irene Roth

Asal, Houda
Identifying as an Arab in Canada  Irene Roth

Atwood, Margaret
Dearly: New Poems  Mary R
The Edible Woman  Eric
The Handmaid's Tale  April
Negotiating with the Dead: A Writer on Writing  Mary R
Surfacing Mary R
The Testaments  April  Mary R

Audrain, Ashley
The Push  Shonna

Auxier, Jonathan
The Fabled Stables  Irene Roth
The Night Gardener  Puss Reboots

Bagby, David
Dance with the Devil: A Memoir of Murder and Loss  Teena in Toronto

Band, Julie
The Ever Open Door  Shonna

Banks, Chris
The Cold Panes of Surfaces  Eric

Barclay, Linwood
Elevator Pitch  Shonna
Fear the Worst  Swordsman
Find You First  Teena in Toronto  Swordsman

Barnett, Mac and Isabelle Arsenault
Just Because   Puss Reboots

Bascaramurty, Dakshana
This Is Not the End of Me  Irene Roth

Beck, Alison
Gardening by the Month  Irene Roth

Bedard, Michael
The Egyptian Mirror  Carolyn@Riedel

Bhadra, Sangeeta and France Cormier
The Nut That Fell From the Tree  Irene Roth

Bhathena, Tanaz
Hunted by the Sky  Puss Reboots

Bird, David M.
Birds of Canada  Irene Roth

Blackwood, Algernon
Ancient Lights  Carolyn@Riedel

Blake, Becky
Proof I Was Here  Shonna

Bonenfant, Maude
Old Quebec  Irene Roth

Bourbeau, Lise
Your Body's Telling You: Love Yourself!  Carolyn@Riedel

Bowen, Gail
Burying Ariel  Carolyn@Riedel

Boyd, David R.
The Optimistic Environmentalist  Irene Roth

Boyko, John
The Devil's Trick  Irene Roth

Bradford, Karleen
Windward Island  Carolyn@Riedel

Bradley, Alan
The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag  Carolyn@Riedel

Bradley, Brian
Outrageous Misfits: Female Impersonator Craig Russell and His Wife Lori Russell Eadie  Teena in Toronto

Bradshaw, Cheryl M.
How To Like Yourself  Irene Roth

Brown, Karma
The 4% Fix: How One Hour Can Change Your Life  Irene Roth
In This Moment  Irene Roth

Buchanan, Cathy Marie
Daughter of Black Lake  Melwyck

Bulgutch, Mark
That's Why I'm a Doctor: Physicians Recount Their Most Memorable Moments  Swordsman
That's Why I'm a Journalist  Swordsman

Bunch, Adam
The Toronto Book of Love  Teena in Toronto

Burrows, Steve
A Pitying of Doves  Mary R

Butala, Sharon
Season of Fury and Wonder  Shonna

Butcher, Kristin
Cheat  Irene Roth

Butcher, Kristin and Martha Newbigging
Pharaohs and Foot Soldiers  Irene Roth

Callan, Kevin
A Paddler's Guide to Algonquin Park  Irene Roth

Campbell, Maria
Halfbreed  Puss Reboots

Canadian Jewish Congress
Jewish War Heroes  John Kerry

Carroll, Emily
The Hare's Bridge  Carolyn@Riedel
Margot's Room  Carolyn@Riedel

Cassidy, Sara
A Boy Named Queen  Irene Roth
Genius Jolene  Irene Roth
The Great Googlini  Irene Roth
Not For Sale  Irene Roth
The Sun is a Peach  Irene Roth

Cation, Christine MacGregor
Clarence's Big Secret  Irene Roth

Celona, Marjorie 
How a Woman Becomes a Lake  Shonna

Chapman, Brenda
Cold Mourning  Swordsman

Chase, Eva
Captive of Wolves  Deanie

Chinn, Adrienne
The English Wife  Teena in Toronto

Chmakova, Svetlana
Nightschool: The Weirn Books Collector's Edition, Volume 2  Puss Reboots

Collins, Stephen
On the Material  Eric

Cooke, Stephanie, Insha Fitzpatrick, and Juliana Moon
Oh My Gods!  Puss Reboots

Cooper, Amanda
Tempest in a Teapot  Puss Reboots

Corrigan, Kathleen
Canadian Shield  Irene Roth
Government and Climate Change  Irene Roth
Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Lowlands  Irene Roth

Couture, Christa
How To Lose Everything  Irene Roth

Curtis, Andrea
A Forest in the City  Irene Roth

Davidson, Andrew
Gargoyle  Irene Roth

Delaney, Vicki
A Curious Incident  Puss Reboots
In the Shadow of the Glacier  Puss Reboots
Negative Image  Puss Reboots
Valley of the Lost  Puss Reboots
Winter of Secrets  Puss Reboots

Delvaux, Martine
Bitter Rose  Melwyk

Dempster, Barry
The Outside World  Eric

Dennis, Michael
Low Centre of Gravity  Eric

Dickinson, Arlene
Reinvention  Irene Roth

Dickson, Barbara
Bomb Girls  Shonna

Dimaline, Cherie
Empire of Wild  Melwyk

Dixon, Franklin W.
While the Clock Ticked  Carolyn@Riedel

Dixon, Glenn
Bootleg Stardust  Teena in Toronto
Juliet's Answer  Shonna

Donohoe, L.A.
Just Their Luck  Shonna

Donovan, Kelly
Silencing a Canadian Police Whistleblower  Irene Roth

Doornink, Richard
1967: A Coming of Age Story  Shonna

Dovercourt, Jonny
Any Night of the Week: A D.I.Y. History of Toronto Music 1957-2001  Teena in Toronto

Doyle, Alan
All Together Now: A Newfoundlander's Light Tales for Heavy Times  Teena in Toronto

Dubois, John E.
The Sandhills of Carberry  Carolyn@Riedel

Dupuis, J.J.
Roanoke Ridge  Shonna

Dyson, George
Analogia  Irene Roth

El-Mohtar, Amal
Anabasis  Carolyn@Riedel
The Green Book  Carolyn@Riedel
Madeleine  Carolyn@Riedel
Pockets  Carolyn@Riedel
The Truth About Owls  Carolyn@Riedel
Wings  Carolyn@Riedel

Espinet, Ramabai
The Swinging Bridge  Shonna

Fan, Larissa and Cindy Wume
Ten Little Dumplings  Irene Roth

Ferguson, Will
The Finder  Irene Roth

Ferry, Steven
Quebec  Irene Roth

Findley, Timothy
The Wars  Shonna

Florence, Melanie and Gabrielle Grimard
Stolen Words  Irene Roth

Foster, Fiona King
The Captive  Swordsman

Fox, Darrell
Forever Terry: A Legacy in Letters  Teena in Toronto  Irene Roth

Fox, Michael J.
No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality  Teena in Toronto

Francis, Dick
The Edge (Canadian setting) Mary R

Friends of the Public Gardens
Halifax Public Gardens  Carolyn@Riedel

Fung, Jason and Nadia Brito Pateguana
The PCOS Plan  Irene Roth

Gartner, Zsuzsi
The Beguiling  Melwyk

Gates, Eva
A Death Long Overdue  Puss Reboots

Ghosh, Bhaswati
Victory Colony, 1950  Shonna

Riding into Battle  Irene Roth

Goldbloom, David
We Can Do Better  Irene Roth

Gopnik, Adam
Winter (Canadian lectures) Irene Roth

Gordon, Sarah
The Dangerous Dollhouse  Carolyn@Riedel

Green, John Willison
On the Track of the Sasquatch: Encounters with Bigfoot from California to Canada, Book 1  John Kerry

Hamilton, Victoria
Bran New Death  Puss Reboots
Breaking the Mould  Puss Reboots
Cast Iron Alibi  Puss Reboots
No Grater Danger  Puss Reboots

Hancock, Pat
Crazy Canadian Trivia 2  Carolyn@Riedel

Hansen, Emma
Still  Irene Roth

Hanson, Rick; Matthew McKay, Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eschelman, Martin N,. Seif, Sally M. Winston, David A. Carbonell, Catherine M. Pittman, and Elizabeth M. Karle
The Anxiety First Aid Kit: Quick Tools for Extreme, Uncertain Times  Irene Roth

Harris, Lorraine
British Columbia's Own Railroad  John Kerry

Hartt-Sussman, Heather and Genevieve Cote
Noni Speaks Up  Irene Roth

Heinerth, Jill and Jaime Kim
The Aquanaut  Irene Roth

Hemon, Louis
Maria Chapdelaine  Shonna  Irene Roth

Henry, Bonnie
Soap and Water and Common Sense  Irene Roth

Hibbs, Monika
Gather at Home  Irene Roth

Holden, Sarabeth
Please Don't Change My Diaper!  Irene Roth

Holler, Sue Farrell and Jennifer Faria Lipke
Raven, Rabbit, Deer   Shonna

Holt, Faye Reineberg
Threshing: The Early Years of Harvesting  Carolyn@Riedel

Homer-Dixon, Thomas
Commanding Hope  Irene Roth

Horton, Jillian
We Are All Perfectly Fine  Irene Roth

Howard, Leslie
The Brideship Wife  Teena in Toronto

Howden, Sarah
5-Minute Stories for Fearless Girls  Irene Roth

Hudak, Heather
Fall Fairs  Irene Roth
Pride Festivals  Irene Roth
Remembrance Day  Irene Roth

Humphreys, Helen
Leaving Earth  Swordsman
Rabbit Foot Bill  Swordsman

Humphreys, Jessica Dee and Rona Ambrose
The International Day of the Girl: Celebrating Girls Around the World  Irene Roth

Hunter, Aislinn
The Certainties  Irene Roth

Huxtable, Nils
Steam Along the Sound  John Kerry

Ien, Marci
Off Script: Living Out Loud  Irene Roth

Itani, Frances
Best Friend Trouble  Irene Roth
The Company We Keep  Irene Roth
Tell  Irene Roth
That's My Baby  Irene Roth

Isabella, Jude
Bringing Back the Wolves  Irene Roth

Jansen, Dani
The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life  Puss Reboots

Jeffery, Amanda
The Fourth Year Spell  Irene Roth

Jenkins, Carrie
What Love Is  Irene Roth

Jennings, Maureen
Shipwreck  Carolyn@Riedel

Jensen, Peter
Ignite: The Third Factor  Irene Roth
Thriving in a 24-7 World  Irene Roth

Johnson, Harold R
Cry Wolf  Irene Roth

Jones, Gordon K.
Saving Tiberius   Teena in Toronto  Swordsman

Jonmie, Brianna and Nahani Shingoose
If I Go Missing  John

Jorsvik, Connie
Advance Care Planning  Irene Roth

Juby, Susan
Nice Recovery  Irene Roth

Kagawa, Julie
The Iron Queen  Shonna

Kaur, Rupi
Home Body  Irene Roth

Kearsley, Susanna; C.S. Harris; Anna Lee Huber and Christine Trent
The Deadly Hours  Shonna

Kelly, Sofie
Sleight of Paw  Carolyn@Riedel

Kendall, Brian
Great Moments in Canadian Baseball  John Kerry

Kerbel, Deborah and Marianne Ferrer
Slow Moe  Irene Roth

Kerbel, Deborah and Miki Sato
Snow Days  Shonna

Kilian, Crawford
Go Do Some Great Thing  Irene Roth

King, Lily
Writers and Lovers  Irene Roth

King, Thomas
Indians on Vacation  Swordsman
Sufferance  Melwyk

Kingwell, Mark
On Risk  Irene Roth

Kirkby, Bruce
Blue Sky Kingdom: An Epic Family Journey to the Heart of the Himalaya  Shonna

Kita-Bradley, Linda
How to Be Good to Yourself  Irene Roth

Klukas, Lauren
The Complete Plate  Irene Roth

Kogawa, Joy
Obasan  Irene Roth

Korman, Gordon
Unplugged  Puss Reboots
War Stories  Puss Reboots

Kraulis, J.A.
Beautiful Ontario  Irene Roth

Kyi, Tanya Lloyd
Under Pressure: The Science of Stress  Irene Roth

Kylie, Aaron
Canada for Kids  Irene Roth

Lalonde, Julie S.
Resistence is Futile  Irene Roth

Lang, Essie
Deadly Chapter  Puss Reboots

Lapena, Shari
The End of Her  Teena in Toronto

Leach, Sara and Elizabeth Bender
Duck Days  Shonna

Lebeuf, Darren
My Forest is Green  Irene Roth

Lee, Jen Sookfong
Chinese New Year: A Celebration for Everyone  Irene Roth

Lemire, Jeff
Batman: The Smile Killer  Puss Reboots
Joker: Killer Smile  Puss Reboots

Lemire, Jeff and Andrea Sorrentino
Gideon Falls, Volume 4: The Pentoculus  Puss Reboots

Lemire, Jeff and Dustin Nguyen
Ascender, Volume 2: The Dead Sea  Puss Reboots
Ascender, Volume 3: The Digital Mage  Puss Reboots
Descender, Volume 4: Orbital Mechanics  Puss Reboots
Descender, Volume 5: Rise of the Robots  Puss Reboots
Descender, Volume 6: The Machine War  Puss Reboots

Lemire, Jeff and Phil Hester
Family Tree: Volume 1: Sapling  Puss Reboots

Lesage, Maria
We Wear Masks  Irene Roth

Light, Alex
The Upside of Falling  Elyse

Lim, Roselle
Natalie Tan's Book of Luck and Fortune  Puss Reboots
Vanessa Yu's Magical Paris Tea Shop  Puss Reboots

London, Stefanie
Her Aussie Holiday  Shonna

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet's Best of Canada  Irene Roth

Macartney, Sue
Benjamin's Blue Feet  Shonna

Macdonald, Mardie and Kathryn Adams
The Cat Psychologist: Understanding Your Cat  Carolyn@Riedel

Maclear, Kyo
It Began with a Page  Irene Roth

Maclear, Kyo and Esme Shapiro
Yak and Dove  Puss Reboots

MacLeod, Charlotte
The Convivial Codfish  Carolyn@Riedel

MacLeod, Diana
Bathroom Book of Cat Trivia: Humorous, Heartwarming, Weird & Amazing  Carolyn@Riedel

MacLeod, Elizabeth
Canadian Women, Now and Then  Irene Roth
Meet Terry Fox  Irene Roth

MacMillan, Margaret
Paris 1919: Six Months that Changed the World  Mary R

Major, Caitlin and Kelly Bastow
Manfried the Man  Elyse
Manfried Saves the Day  Elyse

Mallery, Susan
The Friends We Keep  Irene Roth

Mandel, Emily St. John
Mr. Thursday  Carolyn@Riedel

Mansbridge, Peter and Mark Bulgutch
Extraordinary Canadians: Stories from the Heart of Our Nation  Teena in Toronto

Manthorpe, Jonathan
Restoring Democracy  Irene Roth

Marroquin, M.L.
My Hair is Magic  Irene Roth

Marsh, Charity and Mark V. Campbell (editors)
We Still Here: Hip Hop North of the 49th Parallel  John

Martin, Ann M.
The Doll People's Christmas  Irene Roth

Mason, Paul Nicholas
The Rogue Wave  Shonna

Maxymiw, Anna
Dirty Work  Irene Roth

Mayes, Jan L.
Regretfully Invited  Carolyn@Riedel

McCall, Bruce
How Did I Get Here?  Irene Roth

McCall Smith, Alexander
The Lost Art of Gratitude  Irene Roth

McCann, Sean and Andrea Aragon
One Good Reason  John

McChesney, Iain
Murder at Malenfer  Carolyn@Riedel

McClennan, Rob
The Uncertainty Principle  Eric

McCormack, Eric
The Dutch Wife  Shonna

McCulloch, Derek and Shepherd Hendrix
Stagger Lee  John

McFadzean, Dakota
To Know You're Alive  Puss Reboots

McKenzie, Bob and Jim Lang
Everyday Hockey Heroes: Volume III  Teena in Toronto

McLean, Stuart
Vinyl Cafe Turns the Page  Irene Roth

McMillan, Rachel 
The London Restoration  Shonna

McWatt, Tessa
Shame on Me  Irene Roth

Meghji, Riaz
Every Conversation Counts: The 5 Habits of Human Connection that Build Extraordinary Relationships  Teena in Toronto

Millard, Nicky
The Green Angels  Carolyn@Riedel

Miller, David
Solved  Irene Roth

Mlynowski, Sarah
Just a Boy and a Girl in a Little Canoe  Puss Reboots

Mlynowski, Sarah, Lauren Myracle and Emily Jenkins
Upside Down Magic: Hide and Seek  Puss Reboots

Mofina, Rick
Search for Her  Teena in Toronto
Their Last Secret  Teena in Toronto

Montgomery, Lucy Maud
The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career  Carolyn@Riedel
Anne of Avonlea  Carolyn@Riedel
Anne of The Island  Carolyn@Riedel

Moore, Brian
Black Robe  Tracy K

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
Mexican Gothic  Puss Reboots  Melwyk

Moyles, Trina
Lookout  Irene Roth

Mutch, Maria
When We Were Birds  Shonna

Nelson, Colleen
Harvey Comes Home  Irene Roth

Nelson, Colleen and Alice Carter
Teaching Mrs. Muddle  Shonna

Neuvel, Sylvain
File No 002  Carolyn@Riedel

Neville, Kim
The Memory Collectors  Melwyk

Nichol, James W.
Midnight Cab  Shonna

Nyland, Ellen
Life Is Great Even When It Sucks  Irene Roth

O'Brien, Cynthia
Black History Month  Irene Roth
Exploring Nova Scotia  Irene Roth
Exploring Ontario  Irene Roth
Groundhog Day  Irene Roth
The Impact of Food and Farming  Irene Roth
Innovations in Communication  Irene Roth
Innovations in Safety  Irene Roth
Spirit Days  Irene Roth
Victoria Day  Irene Roth

O'Leary, Sara
The Ghost in the House  Melwyk

Oldland, Nicholas
Hockey in the Wild  Irene Roth

Olsen, Debbie
150 Nature Hot Spots in Canada  Irene Roth

Olsen, Sylvia
Unravelling Canada  Irene Roth

Olson, Anna
Baking Day with Anna Olson  Irene Roth

Ondaatje, Michael
Coming Through Slaughter  Mary R

Onomé, Louisa
Like Home  Puss Reboots

Oppel, Kenneth
Bloom  Puss Reboots
Hatch  Puss Reboots

Orr, Wendy
Swallow's Dance  Shonna

Paisley, Erinne
Can Your Conversations Change the World?  Irene Roth
Can Your Smartphone Change the World?  Irene Roth

Pajama Press editors and illustrators
A World of Mindfulness  Shonna

Parise, Michelle
Alone: A Love Story  Irene Roth

Park, Linda Sue
Gurple and Preen: A Broken Crayon Cosmic Adventure  Irene Roth

Pasricha, Neil
Awesome is Everywhere  Irene Roth
You Are Awesome  Irene Roth

Paterson, T.W.
Fraser Canyon  John Kerry

Pavlick, Leon and Ann
Red Pines on the Ridge  John Kerry

Penny, Louis
All the Devils Are Here  Mary R
The Beautiful Mystery  Tracy K
The Cruelest Month  Puss Reboots
Dead Cold  Puss Reboots
How the Light Gets In  Tracy K
Still Life  Puss Reboots  Irene Roth
A Trick of the Light  Tracy K  Carolyn@Riedel

Perreault, Guillame
The Postman from Space  Irene Roth

Philippe, Ben
Charming as a Verb  Puss Reboots

Picard, Andre
Neglected No More  Irene Roth

Podnieks, Andrew
Little Book of Baseball Stories  John Kerry

Polk, C.L.
The Midnight Bargain  Melwky

Poplak, Lorna
The Don: The Story of Toronto's Infamous Jail  Teena in Toronto

Power, Jordan
Extra-Ordinary: Stories of Manitobans with Down Syndrome  Carolyn@Riedel

Preus, Margi
The Littlest Voyageur  Irene Roth

Pugsley, Alex
Aubrey McKee  Shonna

Quick, Matthew
The Good Luck of Right Now (Canadian setting)  Irene Roth

Quiquilim, Rachel
What's Growing in Mommy's Tummy  Irene Roth

Rahman, Bahram and Gabrielle Grimard
The Library Bus  Shonna

Ramji, Beyer
Growing Up Canadian  Irene Roth

Reva, Maria
Good Citizens Need Not Fear: Stories  Melwyk

Reynolds, Ty
Why Do Golfers Yell Fore? That's a Good Question  Carolyn@Riedel

Rils, Sharon
The True Story of Ida Johnson  Shonna

Robertson, David A.
The Barren Grounds  Irene Roth
When We Were Alone  Irene Roth

Robinson, Eden
Return of the Trickster  Melwyk
Trickster Drift  April

Robinson, Peter
A Necessary End  Mary R  Tracy K
Past Reason Hated  Mary R

Robson, Jennifer
Our Darkest Night  Teena in Toronto

Rogak, Lisa
Who Is Alex Trebek?  Teena in Toronto

Rogen, Seth
Yearbook  Teena in Toronto

Rooke, Leon
The House on Major Street  Eric

Ross, Ailsa and Amy Blackwell
The Girl Who Rode a Shark  Shonna

Rotenberg, Robert
Downfall  Teena in Toronto
Stray Bullets  Puss Reboots

Roy, Gabrielle and Sandra Birdsell
Where Nests the Water Hen  Carolyn@Riedel

Runtz, Michael
The Explorer's Guide to Algonquin Park  Irene Roth

Sacks, Oliver
Gratitude  Irene Roth

Salazar, Rebecca
Sulphurtongue  Eric

Samuel, Julia
This Too Shall Pass  Irene Roth

Sands, Patricia
Drawing Lessons  Puss Reboots

Sawyer, Robert J.
Quantum Night  Swordsman

Schmidt, Lynda Faye
The Healing  Shonna

Schott, Philipp
How to Examine a Wolverine: More Tales from the Accidental Veterinarian  Teena in Toronto

Schultz, Emily
The Blondes   Shonna

Schwartz, Larry
Montreal Expos  John Kerry

Schwartz, Roslyn
The Mole Sisters and the Blue Egg  Irene Roth
The Mole Sisters and the Cool Breeze  Irene Roth
The Mole Sisters and the Moonlight Night  Irene Roth
The Mole Sisters and the Piece of Moss  Irene Roth
The Mole Sisters and the Question  Irene Roth
The Mole Sisters and the Rainy Day  Irene Roth
The Mole Sisters and the Wavy Wheat  Irene Roth
The Mole Sisters and the Way Home  Irene Roth
Splat  Irene Roth
The Vole Brothers  Irene Roth

Seager, Sara
The Smallest Lights in the Universe  Irene Roth

Seaward, Ed
Fair  Swordsman

Seely, Kim Brown
Uncharted: A Couple's Epic Empty-Nest Adventure Sailing from One Life to Another (Canadian setting)  Shonna

Sercomb, Marc
Living in Cleveland with the Ghost of Joseph Stalin  Irene Roth

Sevigny, Alisha
Summer Constellations  Shonna

Sherman, Josepha
Samuel de Champlain  Irene Roth

Shields, Erin
Paradise Lost  Eric

Shraya, Vivek and Ness Lee
Death Threat  John

Shugarman, Harriet
How to Talk To Your Kids about Climate Change  Irene Roth

Siegel, Rachel
Explore Quebec  Irene Roth

Silcox, Nancy
Workin' Like a Dog. Doin' Nothing Like a Cat  Irene Roth

Slayton, Philip
Nothing Left to Lose  Irene Roth

Smith, Alisa and J.B. MacKinnon
The 100 Mile Diet  Irene Roth

Smith, Monique Gray
Speaking Our Truth  Irene Roth

Soh, Debra
The End of Gender  Irene Roth

Soulban, Lucien and Philippe Boulle
Montreal by Night  John Kerry

Souster, Raymond
Come Rain, Come Shine: The Last Poems of Raymond Souster  Eric
Uptown Downtown: New Poems of the GTA  Eric

Spencer, Beverley and Bill Dickson
Made in Canada: 101 Amazing Adventures  Carolyn@Riedel

St. James, Simone
The Sun Down Motel  Melwyk

St. John Mandel, Emily
The Glass Hotel  Mary R

Stanley, George
After Desire  Eric
North of California St.  Eric

Stapley, Marissa
Lucky  Teena in Toronto

State, Hannah D
Journey to the Hopewell Star  Shonna

Steffler, John
The Afterlife of George Cartwright  Shonna

Stinson, Kathy
The Dance of the Violin  Irene Roth
The Man with the Violin  Irene Roth

Storms, Patricia
The Dog's Gardener  Irene Roth

Stuart, Amy
Still Here  Irene Roth
Still Mine  Irene Roth
Still Water  Irene Roth

Stymeist, D.S.
The Bone Weir  Eric

Thistle, Jesse
From the Ashes: My Story of Being Métis, Homeless, and Finding My Way  Swordsman

Thomas, David M. and David N. Biette
Canada and the United States  Irene Roth

Tomlinson, Marla
Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change  Irene Roth
Land Use and Climate Change  Irene Roth
Water and Climate Change  Irene Roth

Trebek, Alex
The Answer Is ... Reflections on My Life  Teena in Toronto  Swordsman  Irene Roth

Unger, Andrew
Once Removed  Shonna

Banff, Jasper & Glacier National Parks  Irene Roth
Canada's Best Trips: 32 Amazing Road Trips  Irene Roth

Urquhart, Emily
The Age of Creativity  Irene Roth
Beyond the Pale  Irene Roth

Urquhart, Jane
A Number of Things  Irene Roth

Valverde, Mariana and Alexandra Flynn
Digital Dreams, Corporate Designs  Irene Roth

Van Camp, Richard
May We Have Enough to Share  Irene Roth

Van Poelgeest, Darcy
Little Bird, Vol. 1  Elyse

Vannicola, Joanne
All We Knew But Couldn't Say  Teena in Toronto

Vreeland, Susan
the Forest Lover  Mary R

Wagamese, Richard
Embers  Irene Roth
Medicine Walk  Irene Roth
One Story, One Song  Irene Roth
Ragged Company  Irene Roth
Starlight  Irene Roth   Shonna

Wagstaffe, Johanna and Julie McLaughlin
Little Cloud  Irene Roth

Walker, Kelly
Loss of Soul  Irene Roth

Walschots, Natalie Zina
Hench  Swordsman

Wees, Frances Shelley
The Keys of My Prison  Tracy K

Wells, Greg
The Ripple Effect  Irene Roth

Welsh, Moira
Happier Ever Older  Irene Roth

Wiebe, Sam
Never Going Back  Teena in Toronto

With, Cathleen
Having Faith in the Polar Girls' Prison  April

Wojna, Lisa
Great Canadian Women  Carolyn@Riedel

Wolf, Adolf Hungry
Canadian Railway Scenes  John Kerry


Yee, Sennah
My Day with Gong Gong  Irene Roth

Younge-Ullman, Danielle
He Must Like You  Irene Roth

Zaman, Farida
I Want to Be  Irene Roth

Zaraska, Marta
Growing Young  Irene Roth

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