13th Annual Canadian Book Challenge Book List

Here are the books read by participants in this challenge up until now.
The list is arranged alphabetically by author

Abley, Mark
Watch Your Tongue  Irene Roth

Adams, K.C.
Perception  Luanne

Akukuluk, Roselynn; Christopher, Danny; and Arijanto, Astrid (artist)
Putuguq and Kublu and the Qalupalik!  John Mutford

Allaby, Patrick
Martin Peters  John Mutford

Allen, Ralph
Peace River Country  Shonna

Andrychuk, Kristen
Cadillac Road  Teena in Toronto

Armstrong, Karen
Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life  Irene Roth

Armstrong, Kelley
A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying  Puss Reboots

Atkinson, Kate
Big Sky  Irene Roth

Atwood, Margaret
Lady Oracle  MaryR
The Testaments  Luanne  Puss Reboots

Auxier, Jonathan
The Night Gardener  Carolyn@Riedel

Bailey, J.S.
The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove  Mallory

Barclay, Linwood
Elevator Pitch  Luanne
Ford Abomination  Irene Roth

Bates, Carrie
A Christmas Haunting: Clark Mansion  Mallory
Deck the Bloody Halls  Mallory
The Haunted Mine  Mallory
The Haunting of Camp Lakewood  Mallory

Bates, Jeremy
Mosquito Man  Mallory

Becker, Helaine
Dashing through the Snow  Irene Roth
Deck the Halls  Irene Roth
Don't Stress  Irene Roth
Mama Likes to Mambo  Irene Roth
A Porcupine in a Tree  Irene Roth
Sloth at the Zoom  Irene Roth
You Can Read  Irene Roth
You Got This  Irene Roth

Birdsell, Sandra
Night Travellers  Carolyn@Riedel

Birmingham, Maria
Acting Wild  Irene Roth

Bishop, Mary Harelkin
Tunnels of Time  Carolyn@Riedel

Bissonnette, Lise
Following the Summer  Melwyk

Black, Dan
Harry Livingstone's Forgotten Men  Irene Roth

Blum, Vicki
The Unicorn Collection: Promise of the Unicorn  Carolyn@Riedel

Bowen, Gail
Verdict in Blood  Carolyn@Riedel

Bowles, Stella
My River  Irene Roth

Boyd, D.
Chicken Rising  John Mutford

Bradley, Alan
As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust  Jo

Brown, Ron
Backroads of Ontario  Irene Roth

Burrows, Steve
A Dance of Cranes  @_ehope
A Siege of Bitterns  MaryR

Burtt, Rob
Rare Moments in Time  Irene Roth

Cassidy, Sara
Nevers  Puss Reboots

Castellucci, Cecil
Girl on Film  Puss Reboots

Poppy & Sam and the Mole Mystery  Irene Roth

Choyce, Lesley
Broken Man on a Halifax Pier  Teena in Toronto

Christopher, Neil (compiler)
Taaqtumi  John Mutford

Collins, Robert
Prairie People: A Celebration of My Homeland  Shonna

Compton, A.S.
A Grandmother Named Love  Red 5

Cougler, Elaine
The Man Behind the Marathons  Irene Roth

Crook, Christina
The Joy of Missing Out  Irene Roth

Dakin, Pauline
Run, Hide, Repeat  Lisa

Daubs, Katie
The Missing Millionaire  Swordsman

Davidson, Andrew
The Gargoyle  Carolyn@Riedel

Davies, Robertson
The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks  MaryR

Dean, Natasha
In the Key of Nira Ghani  Puss Reboots

DK Eyewitness
Canada: Inspire, Plan, Discover, Experience  Irene Roth

Doherty, Susan
The Ghost Garden  Luanne

Dombrowski, Theo
Vancouver Island  Irene Roth

Doroghy, Dave and Menzies, Graeme
111 Places in Vancouver  Irene Roth

Dowdy, Joey L.
Rise to the Rhythm  Irene Roth

Doyle, Alan
A Newfoundlander in Canada: Always Going Somewhere, Always Coming Home Lisa

Dumont, Dawn
Glass Beads  Red 5

Eagen, Rachel
Abandoned and Escaped Animals  Irene Roth
Learning about Learning  Irene Roth
Manitoba  Irene Roth
Newfoundland and Labrador  Irene Roth
What Do I Want? What Do I Need?  Irene Roth
Why Does Money Matter  Irene Roth
Why Should I Save for a Rainy Day  Irene Roth

Earley, Chris
Weird Bird  Puss Reboots

Eckler, Rebecca
Blissfully Blended Bullshit  Irene Roth

Elias, David
Elizabeth of Bohemia  Reese@Typings

Elliot, Zeta
The Dragon Thief  Puss Reboots
Dragons in a Bag  Puss Reboots

Ellis, Deborah
Sit: Stories  Red 5

El-Mohtar, Amal and Max Gladstone
This is How You Lose the Time War  Puss Reboots

Engel, Howard
There Was an Old Woman  Carolyn@Riedel

Ernst, Chloe
Atlantic Canada  Irene Roth

Ferguson, Jan
Trudeau on Trudeau  Irene Roth

Ferguson, Will
Coal Dust Kisses  Irene Roth

Fischer, George; and Hudson, Noel
Unforgettable Canada  Irene Roth

Fraser, Whit
True North Rising  John Mutford

Friedman, Avi
Neighbourhood  Irene Roth

Garcia, Emilio Jose and Kristoferson, Samantha
A Recipe for an Extraordinary Life  Irene Roth

Gates, Eva
Read and Buried  Puss Reboots
Something Read, Something Dead  Puss Reboots

Generous, Eddie
Trouble at Camp Still Waters  Mallory

Genovese, Elizabeth
Dark Angels Prey  Mallory

George, Kallie
Heartwood Hotel 2: The Greatest Gift  Puss Reboots
Heartwood Hotel 3: Better Together  Puss Reboots

Gladwell, Malcolm
Talking to Strangers  Teena in Toronto

Goodman, Marc
Future Crimes  Irene Roth

Hamilton, Victoria
A Deadly Grind  Puss Reboots

Hargrave, Donelle
Overcome Your Fear of Flying  Mallory

Hayter, Sparkle
The Last Manly Man  Reese@Typings

Heras, Theo; and Carter, Alice
My Puppy Patch  Shonna

Hernandez, Catherine
Scarborough  Irene Roth

Heroux, Jason
Amusement Park of Constant Sorrow  Eric

Hesler, William
Sydney Bellingham's Canada  Irene Roth

Hickman, Pamela
Bugs  Irene Roth

Honore, Carl
In Praise of Slow  Irene Roth
The Slow Fix  Irene Roth

Huber, Bruno
Folly Bistro  Irene Roth

Hughes, Susan
Up!  Irene Roth
What Happens Next  Shonna

Humphreys, Helen
The Evening Chorus @_ehope

Ivison, John
Trudeau  Irene Roth

Iyer, Pico
Autumn Light  Irene Roth

Jones, Amy
Every Little Piece of Me  Teena in Toronto

Joschko, Justin
Whitetooth Falls  Mallory

Joseph, Bob and Joseph, Cynthia F
Indigenous Relations  Irene Roth

Kadarusman, Michelle
Girl of the Southern Sea  Shonna

Kearsley, Susanna
The Shadowy Horses  Red 5

Kilbourne, Christina
Safe Harbour  Teena in Toronto

King, C.A.
Evil Sushi  Mallory

King, Thomas
Cold Skies  Swordsman
The Inconvenient Indian  Red 5

Kirby, Peter
The Dead of Winter  Irene Roth

Korman, Gordon
Level 13  Puss Reboots

Lansens, Lori
This Little Light  Luanne

Lapena, Shari
Someone We Know  Teena in Toronto
A Stranger in the House  Teena in Toronto
An Unwanted Guest  Teena in Toronto

Laurence, Margaret
A Jest of God  Puss Reboots

Lavoie, Marie-Renee
Autopsy of a Boring Wife  Melwyk

Lemire, Jeff
Gideon Falls, Vol 1: The Black Barn Puss Reboots
Gideon Falls, Vol 2: Original Sins Puss Reboots
Gideon Falls, Vol 3: Stations of the Cross  Puss Reboots

Lewis, Ralph
Finding Purpose in a Godless World  Irene Roth

Lieberman, Jennifer
Year of the Slut  Swordsman

Lindsey, Erin
Murder on Millionaire's Row  Melwyk

Little, Jean
Dancing Through the Snow  Irene Roth

Loney, Bretton
The Last Hockey Player  Irene Roth

Lowry, Malcolm
Under the Volcano  Reese@Typings

Lundrigan, Nicole
Hideaway  Luanne

Maclear, Kyo and Eggenschwiler, Bryon
Operatic  Puss Reboots

Maclear, Kyo and Morstad, Julie
It Began with a Page  Puss Reboots

MacLeod, Charlotte
Cirak's Daughter  Carolyn@Riedel

MacLeod, Elizabeth
Meet Elsie MacGill  Irene Roth

Marshall, Helen
The Migration  Shonna

Marston, Missy
Bad Ideas  Shonna

McCarthy, Joy
Joyous Health  Irene Roth

McCluskey, Elaine
The Most Heartless Town in Canada  Eric

McCoy, Sarah
Marilla of Green Gables  Red 5

McKissen, Dwight
The Poor and the Haunted  Mallory

Mednick, Robin and Thoman, Wendy
Heroes in Our Midst  Irene Roth

Messier, Mireille and Grimard, Gabrielle
Nutcracker Night  Shonna

Messier, Mireille and Luxbacher, Irene
Treasure  Irene Roth

Meyer, Ronald C and Reeder, Mark
The Bigfoot Singularity Mallory

Michaels, Sean
Us Conductors  John

Mills, Alison
The Ghost Collector  Mallory

Montgomery, Lucy Maud
Emily of New Moon  Puss Reboots
Rilla of Ingleside  Red 5

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
Gods of Jade and Shadow  Elyse

Mullen, Shannon
See What Flowers  Shonna

Murray, Anne and Posner, Michael
All of Me  Irene Roth

O'Hara Paul
A Trail Called Home  Irene Roth

Ondaatje, Michael
Divasadero  MaryR
The English Patient MaryR

Orr, Wendy
Swallow's Dance  Puss Reboots

Patkau, Karen
Triceratops Stomp  Irene Roth  Shonna

Paperny, Anna Mehler
Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me  Irene Roth

Paulson, J. C.
Fire Lake  Mallory

Pelley, Scott
Truth Worth Telling  Irene Roth

Penny, Louise
A Better Man  Luanne  Shonna
Hangman  Carolyn@Riedel
Still Life  John Kerry
The Long Way Home  Jo

Pitts, Frank
Confessions of a Mountie: My Life Behind the Red Serge  Teena in Toronto

Ralston, Duncan
The Moving House  Mallory

Ramadan, Ahmad Danny
The Clothesline Swing  Irene Roth

Ranger, Al
Vancouver Island: Sketches and Trip Notes  John Kerry  Puss Reboots

Rebick, Judy
Heroes in My Head  Irene Roth

Reichs, Kathy
206 Bones  Lisa

Reid, Raziel
When Everything Feels Like the Movies  Irene Roth

Reid-Benta, Zalika
Frying Plantain  Teena in Toronto  Eric

Rhindress, Charlie
I'm Not What I Seem: The Many Stories of Rita MacNeil's Life  Teena in Toronto

Rhyno, Greg
To Me You Seem Giant  Eric

Rice, Waubgeshig
Moon of the Crusted Snow  Swordsman

Rimmer, Kelly
The Things We Cannot Say  Irene Roth

Robertson, David Alexander and Henderson, Scott B.
Sugar Falls  Shonna

Robson, Jennifer
The Gown    Melwyk  Shonna

Rodger, Ellen
Backyard Dwellers  Irene Roth

Rotenberg, Robert
Guilty Plea  Puss Reboots

Rowell, Rainbow and Hicks, Faith Erin
Pumpkinheads  Puss Reboots

Sammurtok, Nadia
In My Anaana's Amautik  Irene Roth

Sawler, Harvey
One Man Grand Band: The Lyric Life of Ron Hynes  Teena in Toronto

Sawyer, Robert J.
Rollback  Swordsman

Semchuk, Sandra
The Stories Were Not Told  Melwyk

Shoalts, Adam
Beyond the Trees  Irene Roth

Short, Robin
Rock Stars  John Mutford

Simpson, Leanne Betasamosake
Islands of Decolonial Love  Irene Roth

Singh, Jagmeet
Love and Courage  Irene Roth

Smith, Heather
Chicken Girl  Irene Roth

Smith, Heather and Wada, Rachel
The Phone Booth in Mr. Hirota's Garden  Puss Reboots

Snowking, Anthony Foliot
Tales of an Old Town Versifier  John Mutford

Spector, Mark
Road to Gold  Irene Roth

Spillett, Tasha; and Donovan, Natasha
Surviving the City  John Mutford

Staub, Wendy Corsi
Dead Silence  Mallory

Stratton, Allan
Borderline  Irene Roth

Sylvester, Kevin and Hlinka, Michael
Follow Your Stuff  Irene Roth

Szalay, David
Turbulance  Teena in Toronto

Tamaki, Mariko and Pugh, Steve
Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass  Puss Reboots

Testa, Nicole and illustrator Boulanger, Annie
Lili Macaroni  Shonna

Thein, Madeleine
Do Not Say We Have Nothing  Eric

Thistle, Jesse
From the Ashes  Irene Roth

Thompson, Kelly S.
Girls Need Not Apply  Irene Roth

Tucker, K.A.
Say You Still Love Me  Teena in Toronto

Tuerff, Kevin
Channel of Peace  Irene Roth

Vallieres, Tammy; Fitzpatrick, Jen; and Howson, Susan
Awaken Your Inner Hero  Irene Roth

Vannicola, Joanne
All We Knew But Couldn't Say  Irene Roth

Various artists and writers
This Place  John Mutford

Visser, Margaret
Beyond Fate: 2002 Massey Lectures  Shonna

Wagamese, Richard
Indian Horse  Swordsman
Runaway Dreams  John Mutford

Walker, Sandra
The Path to Wild Food  Irene Roth

Walters, Eric
Say You Will  Irene Roth

Wheery, Aaron
Promise and Peril  Irene Roth

Whishaw, Iona
A Deceptive Devotion  @_elope

Wilmot, Elizabeth A.
When Any Time Was Train Time  Irene Roth

Wong, Alex; and Woodley, Sean
We The Champs: The Toronto Raptors  Irene Roth

Wood, Shelley
The Quintland Sisters  Red 5

Woods, Sherryl
Rough Seas  Irene Roth

Wright, Eric
A Fine Italian Hand  Carolyn@Riedel

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